On my way home last night I took the cycle way along Canning Street in Carlton.  I spotted a bunch of people, in two separate groups, standing around wearing orange reflective safety vests.  

I could not contain my curiosity, so I bailed one of them up and asked what they were up to.  Turns out they were "conducting a light test for Ride On magazine."

I told her that I expect that I'd just failed the test then (given that the batteries in my front light were by this stage utterly flattened).  Apparently they were not testing commuter traffic, but a set of commercial products.

Today we are making all shipping on our products completely free!  Anywhere in the world!

We've just added "I Heart Cycling" stickers to our online shop.

I'd bet that there is a Psychology PhD thesis waiting to be written on what it is about stickers that makes them so great, especially if you are, or have ever been, a kid.  I loved my sticker collection when I was a whipper-snapper, and looking back, it pretty much didn't matter what it was.  I'm pretty sure I had bank stickers and spark plug stickers in my collection.  So long as those bits of paper could be peeled off and stuck to something, they were deemed fascinating.

Perhaps a part of the allure is that a sticker is pretty much a one-shot proposition.  It embodies a sense of commitment to an action.  There is really only one question to answer; Where are you going to stick it?

Amy's Gran Fondo, is a world-class cycling event held along 120km of fully closed roads in one of the world's most idyllic destinations.  The Great Ocean Road and Otway Ranges play host to the event, which caters for Australia's rapidly growing population of recreational riders. Some ride to challenge themselves, their friends or their team mates, while others ride for the satisfaction and pride of just making it to the finish line. And some ride to win! This is a timed event, with $30,000 in prize money up for grabs for age group and team place-getters.  

Open to all rider levels with staggered starting times, the focus of the Gran Fondo, as with The Amy Gillett Foundation in general, is rider safety.

Part of the event is the Expo, featuring over 50 exhibitors, from Saturday the 15th to Sunday the 16th of September.  CycleCuffs.com will be in attendance this year for the first time, and are very much looking forward to getting amongst it and spreading the word about CycleCuffs amongst some of Melbourne's most avid cyclists.

We're having a stall at AusBike Expo!

It's on at the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens October 12 -14. 

You can use the button below to add the dates to your Google Calendar

Friday 12th - Trade Day 10am to 5pm 
Saturday 13th - Public Day 10 am to 5pm 
Sunday 14th - Public Day 10 am to 5pm 
We are very pleased to announce that Smith Street Cycles have joined our list of Stockists.  Drop in and ask for CycleCuffs by name!
CycleCuffs are now stocked at a fun bike shop café in Melbourne's CBD called The Little Mule Co.
From their website:

We're not your usual bike store. We build custom single speed and fixed gear bikes. Almost every aspect of the bike can be tweaked and changed and we'll work with you every step of the way to ensure you get what you want.

We're also a 
café serving breakfast and lunch with a focus on slow cooked, satisfying home-style food that you won't find anywhere else in the city. 

Their coffee is rather good too, as is the service, and the place has a really relaxed and welcoming vibe.

Hopefully we'll be announcing quite a few of these from here on.
We've been experimenting lately with a few ideas for stickers to assist with getting the word out there about CycleCuffs.  This one was inspired by a video that we enjoyed about cycling in Holland, and what a fine example the Dutch are setting in terms of making cycling the default, safe and most healthy mode of transport.  

This is what we have come up with.  We'll be including these as a little something extra with all online sales.